Best forex robot 1% daily profit and low drawdown

Best Profitable and Low Drawdown Forex Robot

How many years you've been struggled in forex world and how much money you've been lost due to margin call?
STOP and no more margin call, its time to get your money back with NET89, a forex robot which will give you stable 1% daily profit.


What is NET89?

NET89 is a forex robot developed by PT. SIMBOLIK MULTITALENTA INDONESIA, an Indonesian company working in area of information technology. This smart robot can help you to get a stable 1% daily profit with a low drawdown. Having a best strategy and money management will make anyone can do forex trading even if you never heard about forex before since it can be an investment commodity. PT. SIMBOLIK MULTITALENTA INDONESIA having a cooperation with MaxGlobalFx which is a trusted STP (Straight Through Procesing) broker since 1997.

Low Risk

Low drawdown and say good by to margin call

Stable Profit

1% daily profit goes to your account directly

No Restriction

Withdraw your profit anytime you want

How NET89 robot is works?

Here is a simple explanation how NET8 robot can gain 1% daily profit with a low drawdown.

1. Entry

First entry will based on current market trend, if the trend change then it will cut losst current open position and switch to sideway startegy.

2. Target

Robot will run untill 1% daily target is reached and will only stop trading if there are 2 consecutive loss or maximum 5% daily loss reached.

3. Loss

Maximum loss per day is -5%, that mean margin call will only occur if there are 20 consecutive loss.


There are 6 packages available based on the capital size


  • Trading capacity $500
  • Profit sharing 50:50


  • Trading capacity $2,500
  • Profit sharing 45:55


  • Trading capacity $5,000
  • Profit sharing 40:60


  • Trading capacity $12,500
  • Profit sharing 30:70


  • Trading capacity $25,000
  • Profit sharing 20:80


  • Trading capacity $50,000
  • Profit sharing 10:90

Instead of selling the robot as a standalone product, NET89 using profit sharing with the investor.


Robot license: $100

This paid once for a lifetime during purchasing or upgradig a package.

Trading capacity: $500
Trading capacity is the maximum limit of capital being used for trading which can be increased by upgrading the package based on invested capital value.

Profit sharing : 50:50
This is percentage of profit sharing between company and investor, the higher the package, the higher investor profit will be.

Lets use a simple calculation, with 1% daily profit and starter package ($500 deposit value), then within a year it will return $650 profit (1% * 260 days * 500 : 2).


How to Join NET89?

To start trading with NET89 robot, there are accounts need to be created. Fisrt is trading account at MaxGlobalfx and the other one is NET89 account to buy robot license.


- Click link
Please note it is mandatory to use NET89 IB link above to make your MaxGlobal trading account connected to NET89 robot.
- Make a minimum deposit based on your choosen trading capacity.
- Create Meta ID from your MaxGlobal dashboard.
- Make internal transfer to move your capital to your trading account.
- Validate your account by uploading your passport or national ID card.

Please note currently payment by wire transfer only available for Indonesian and Malaysian customer, other countries may use bitcoin instead.


- Click here to create NET89 account.
- Fill all required fields to complete the registration.
- Login to NET89 and enter your MaxGlobal Meta ID in your profile page.
- Buy or upgrade package based on your trading capital.
- Check your email and follow the instruction to pay the robot license, once done confirm the payment on NET89 dashboard.
- Once payment accepted, the robot will be activated and automatically start trading. You may monitor the trading activities by login using Metatrader 4 but it is recommended to use investor password instead to avoid doing any manual transaction which is not allowed and will cause the robot license deactivated.
- Validate your account by uploading your passport or national ID card.


Is it safe to trade with NET89?

Yes absolutely. You pay for robot license to NET89 but your main capital is in your own trading account which is fully under your control. Please note that you are free to withdraw your profit including your capital but keep the capital to at least 75%.
What is the minimum capital to start trade with NET89?

The lowest package is STARTER which cost $100 for robot license and $500 deposit to your trading account, so total will be $600.
How much profit will i get?

NET89 forex robot will always try to reach 1% daily profit target, your net profit will depend on your choosen package. i.e with STARTER package and profit sharing 50:50, you will get 10% profit within 20 trading days (one month).
Can you show me any real account trade statement?

Yes, click here . to see the real trading history of NET89 robot. If you need an investor password, please contact us.
How NET89 forex robot is works?

See here about how the robot is works.
Is there any expiration for the robot?

No, there is no expiration but there are 3 things that will cause the robot license deactivated as follow:
- Doing any manual transaction/activities in your trading account except deposit and withdrawal.
- Withdraw your capital more than 25%
- Create a new Meta ID in MaxGlobal, one robot license only can be used for one Meta ID.
To avoid any accidental manual trading or activities in your trading account, it is advice to to use investor password to login to Metatrader 4.
Will robot NET89 open a new position every day?

NET89 robot will trade based on pre defined strategy, it will not trade if the conditions are not met.
How many position will be opened within a day?

It will depend on the market condition, but robot will always try to reach 1% daily target.
When i can withdraw my profit?

You are free to withdraw your profit anytime you want, but alway remember to not withdraw your capital more than 25%.

Forward Test Result

Following graph is taken from Detailed Statement of real account trade using NET89 robot.

Click on above image to see the detail history.

If you need investor password, please contact us so you can see by your self using Metratrader 4.

If you need more information, please do net hesitate to contact us

Happy profit...